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You’re busy. You’ve got family, friends, hobbies, work, exercise...all kinds of ways to spend your time. Who wants to spend it changing furnace filters or making sure their smoke detectors are protecting their family and pets? You’ve got your hands full enough already, right?!

We’re offering 3 great packages - with optional add-ons and custom packages available based on your needs.

only $28/month


Ideal for those who just need a hand with home maintenance:

Includes Quarterly Visits for these 4 important maintenance tasks:

  • Clean Air Service
  • Smoke Detector Service
  • Clean Water Services
  • Vacuum Clean Out

only $48/month

Hands Full

Designed for folks who appreciate a pair of helping hands with the basics and more.

Includes Quarterly Visits to perform all 4 Lite Services plus:

  • Dryer Exhaust System Service (1x/year)
  • Hot Water Heater Flush (1x)
  • Hood Vent/Filter Service (1x)
  • BBQ Super Clean Out
from $98/month

And Then Some

Add ‘To-Do List Coverage’ to regular maintenance visits for complete peace of mind! Don't live with pesky items like leaky faucets, touch-up painting, etc!

Includes Quarterly Visits for the 7 great services in Hands Full, plus:

  • One hour of ‘To-Do List’ Coverage per visit!
  • Keep a To-Do List or ask me for suggestions!

Clean Air Service

Furnace filters should be replaced no less than every 6 months; recommended interval for allergy and asthma sufferers is every 3 months! If you have pets and/or live in a dusty climate, you may want to change filters monthly.

  • We remember when your filters need to be replaced
  • Choose from a variety of filters to find your perfect home HVAC filter
  • We remember the right size filters every time without the hassle 
  • Dirty filters are removed and placed directly into containment bags
  • We take care of the disposal of your dirty filters - recycling as much material as possible
  • HVAC grills are vacuumed with every filter change
  • We use a HEPA-filtered vacuum to preserve the air quality in your home!
  • Document Service Performed and Date
  • Clean/replace filters in your portable air purifiers
  • All our filters are made in the USA 

Smoke and CO Detector Service

Simply one of the most critical, yet most overlooked, safety system in your home. Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors should be cleaned, inspected and tested every  6 months. Batteries should be changed at least yearly. Rest easy knowing your systems are protecting you and your family. And avoid that dreaded CHIRP! that inevitably comes at 3 am, letting you know it’s time for a new battery!

  • Remove, clean and inspect every Smoke and CO Detector
  • Replace batteries at same interval, house-wide, to ensure consistency
  • Re-install and test detectors for proper functioning
  • Document Service Performed and Date
  • We'll check your fire extinguishers too. You have them, riiiight?

Clean Water Service

Water is precious. We are certainly fortunate here in the beautiful Pacific NW - simple filtration is often all that is needed to kick that nasty plastic bottle habit to the curb. Under-counter systems. Pitchers. Fridge built-ins. We can help.

Refrigerator water filters should be changed every 6 months; Brita Filters should be changed ~every 3 months. Under-counter units vary by usage patterns.

  • We remember when your filters need to be replaced
  • Tell us the filter makes)/model if you know, or we’ll help you figure it out
  • We remember the right size filters every time without the hassle
  • We take care of the disposal of your dirty filters - recycling as much material as possible

Vacuum Clean out Service

Reduce the dust and particles you circulate in your home by keeping your vacuum functioning at peak efficiency. 

  • We take your vacuum outside for service
  • Clean out the catch bin/filter area
  • Replace filter and/or wash as appropriate
  • Clean the brush roller - cut off all the hair, fur, carpet yarn, etc.
  • Wipe down the exterior with a micro fiber cloth
  • Clean out your hand held vacuums, shop vacs, and don’t forget about your central vacuum system.

Dryer Exhaust System Service

Dryer Vents are seldom seen and rarely worried about, but they are a very important part of keeping a healthy and safe home. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission there are over 15,500 home fires a year caused by dirty dryer vents. Lint and debris gets backed up in the vent reducing air flow. This can decrease dryer efficiency and cause fires. While a lot of homeowners are aware of the risks associated with dirty dryer vents not everyone has the time, proper equipment, or know how to keep their dryer vent adequately cleaned.

  • Complete end to end cleaning of your dryer's exhaust system. 
  • Clean the entire length of your dryer vent, including the outlet
  • Clean your dryer from the exhaust port all the way back to the lint trap
  • We use a HEPA-filtered vacuum to preserve the air quality in your home!

Your fire department recommends at least annual cleaning of your dryer vent!

Knife and Tool Sharpening

One of the leading causes of finger cuts is dull knives. That’s right - DULL - knives, because they cause you to use more pressure than should be needed causing slips and cuts.

  • Prepare food more efficiently and more safely
  • Avoid cuts
  • Make more precise cuts, waste less food
  • Enjoy cutting, chopping, dicing, and carving more with sharp blades!

Light bulb Service

Hard to reach bulbs...too many bulbs. Need help finding odd bulbs - the clothes dryer, oven, or old fluorescent fixture? Our light bulb replacement service will have you seeing clearly.

  • You provide the bulb and we'll do the work
  • We can help track down or provide odd bulbs for a modest uplift
  • From your front porch light to your ceiling fans

*Additional fee required for ultra-higher ceilings (>12 ft)

What's 'To Do List Coverage'?

Keep a list of items you’d like help with during my quarterly visit:

  • Perhaps a hinge is squeaking
  • A faucet leaking or toilet running
  • A sink drain has become slooooow
  • Extra Yard Maintenance
  • Barbecue CleanOut Service
  • Hang a new picture
  • Use your imagination
  • OR, have a look at my list of OnDemand Services to discover the many ways my hands can help you!

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