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Your Home Has Needs Too

Raise your hand if you've got more free time than you know what to do with. Raise your other hand if your home sometimes gets the short end of the stick when your time is, well...short.

MmmHmm...Your hands are full, and you're not alone:

  • 6 out of 10 homes have a Handyman To-Do List of 7 items or more!

Odds are pretty good we can take care of your list, including some things that maybe aren't even on there yet!? See below for a long list of To-Dos. We'll deliver these services however you like:

On Demand - by the hour, day, or project.

Subscription Based - pay a low monthly fee for quarterly visits.

What's on Your List?

Here's our ever-expanding list of things our Hands can help you with!


Vital Systems

Smoke Detectors: clean, inspect, new batteries, test

Check Fire Extinguisher Status/Replace

Replace Air Filters – Furnace, Purifiers 

Dryer Vent Inspection, Clean Out

Water Heater Drain/Flush

Replace Water Filters–Fridge, Purifiers, etc.

Install Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Fireplace/Woodstove Clean Out, Spiff Up


Resolve leaky Toilets, Faucets, etc.

Install Safety Handles/Grab bars 

Install Towel Bars and Hooks

Clean-out slow drains: 

  -Sink P-traps


Upgrade fixtures/Modest Remodels

Install Heated Toilet Seats

Tile Repair

Skylight Cleaning



Knife Sharpening 

Fix Leaky Faucets 

Minor appliance repair 

Vacuum Behind The Fridge and its Grill

Clean and Sterilize Vent Hood Screen 

Cutting Board Clean and Renewal

Install Shelving, Spice Racks, Other ideas?

Deep-clean Keurig Systems, Brita Pitchers

Install custom lighting

Garbage Disposal Clean Up, De-Stink!

Any Room

Door and window security bars/stops

Blind/Window Covering Install/Repair

Clean Mini-blinds

Mounting Flat Screen TVs, Sound Bars


Hanging Pictures/Art

Installing Shelves; Furniture Assembly 

Install Laminate and other Flooring

Light bulb Change Service - Vaulted Ceilings!

Man Cave Improvements


House Things

Install Keyless Entry Locks 

Install and Training of Security Systems

  -Doorbell Cams and DVR/Multi-camera

Weatherstripping, Door seals and adjustments 

Wheelchair Ramps 

PowerWashing Drive/Walkways,Patios, More 

Window Cleaning 

Window Screen Repair and Cleaning 

Garage Cleanup, Shelving, Organizing, Flooring

Yard/Landscape Things

Fence Installs and Repairs

  -Busted Post


Decking Installation and Repair 

Install Hard surface Patio/Walkways

Design and install Fire Pits

Sprinkler System Repair/Tune

Rain Barrel – Water Recovery Systems

Landscape Projects – Be Creative!

Custom Planter Boxes

Assembly – BBQs, Kids’ Play Structures, more

BBQ Cleaning/Repair – burners, igniter, etc. 

Pool/Spa Filter cleaning/replacement

Bird Feeder Installation, Cleaning

Truck/Trailer Transport

Dump Runs

Hauling – plants, barkdust, large items

RVs and Boats - ask me!

Install and repair lighting and accessories

Add Solar Panels


Tech Support

PC/Printer Help

Smartphone/App Support

Smart Speaker Install/Training (Alexa)

Install and Training on New TVs, Systems

Wi-Fi, Cable/DSL Modem Help

Wiring – stereo, cable, telephone, computer